Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh yes we did...I am prego again.
Baby Smith '2' coming September 17, 2012.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a wonderful world

Why is he so cute?
Why is he so sweet & funny?
How is it possible he sleeps through the night, every night? 
Where did he get those eyes and lashes?

Baby Champ has forever changed my world.

Every time I look at him I'm beaming with pride. He's defiantly the coolest thing I've ever done. It's almost scary to look at someone so perfect and know that they are counting on you to get them through life. I'm sure I will need him much more than he will need me.
I feel like the luckiest mommy ever.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Swim Swim Swim

We decided to get Champ into swimming lessons with Swim Kids Utah. They teach out of a dive shop in Holladay. We have a private 'Parent Tott' class for 10 weeks with Asher Jones, Jeremy & Christine's 15 month old son & Elle McHenry, Michael & Kristi's 5 month old daughter. I had to get Champ this adorable swim diaper that totally looks like a speedo, haha...oh I love it. And I'm totally not covering it up with swim trunks cause I think it's hilarious. Matthew is so busy with tax season so he wasn't able to come, so sad, but Nana & Papa Cuff were there to cheer Champ on. I was a little nervous about how Champ would react to the pool, but he loved it, of course, this kid is an angel. We did all these cute exercises with singing & he was happy the whole time. When it came time for the dunks, he was brave and didn't even blink. I can't wait for next week!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Home again Home again Gigity Gig

Well it's been a super week of visitors, nurses, ice water, percocet, nursing, catheter's, ice packs, leg massagers & more ice. Sheesh, I definitely needed the full 5 days...ouch! Listen to this... I noticed mid-week that I was in significantly more pain on the right side of my incision (where I had torn) and there was a strange white string sticking out of my incision, and I thought, oh no there is gauze sewn up in me, great! I showed the Doc & he assured me that when they took the staples out, it would go bye bye. So when Friday came & the RN removed them & the string was still there, she was freaking out. My Doc had left on vaca so his on-call Doc came and took a look at me. He was dumb founded for at least 10 minutes, then finally blurts out, I can't believe that is a nerve. A Pretty Freakin Good Reason for pain!!! He quickly cut it, which didn't feel awesome but I instantly felt relief. Baby Champ has been a sweet little boy all week in the hospital. I sent him to the nursery every night about Midnight & they would bring him back for his nursing appointment with me. When it was time to go home we got him all dressed in his 'I have arrived' onsie & put his skinny little bum in his new car seat & drove home as safely as possible. It was so exciting to walk in the front door a little family for the very 1st time! We got unpacked & introduced Champ to all the pups. They didn't want anything to do with him...funny! Baby got snuggled up in his awesome bassinet next to our bed & we took a much needed nap. We have the Real Salt Lake game tomorrow night & I'm hoping I can hobble my hurty body & baby to it.

Monday, July 26, 2010


So it's Sunday night 7:30pm. Matthew & I have checked into our room at IMC labor & delivery. We are unpacked, I'm in my gown, the monitors are on my belly, I have my IV (ouch), the nurse has checked me...I am dilated to a 1+ & 40% effaced. The last step is an ultrasound to verify the baby is head down, (although it is certain that he is by the way the monitors are placed on my belly...the entire pregnancy his bum has been under my right boob & his shoulder is above my navel) The nurse leaves the room to get the machine. I turn to Matthew & say, "wow, the baby did not like her checking me...he is moving all around!" The nurse comes back & puts the ultrasound machine on my tummy & says, "What just happened? He is not head down anymore!" I look down & notice I have a big lump under my left boob....ahhh IT"S HIS HEAD! The nurse proceeds to tell us that the induction is OFF, our baby is BREECH. WHAT???? Seriously! So she calls Dr. Terry & he has her put me on the phone. He tells me that the induction is obviously cancelled and that we have 3 options. #1 The Dr can try to turn the baby by manipulating my tummy from the outside, usually unsuccessful with your 1st pregnancy because your muscles are too tight & it can be dangerous. #2 C-section tomorrow morning at 7:30am #3 Go home & wait and see if he flips back. Um....ya I was in shock! I don't like any of those options!!! I told him that Matthew & I would talk it over & make a decision. I immediately started to cry, of course! My little birth plan was blowing up in my face...C-section...hmmm not cool dude, but insures a healthy baby so ultimately the right choice. So we told the nurse and she started unhooking everything so we could go home. Then suddenly, I start having contractions! BIG ONES! So the nurse gave me a shot of morphine in my hip to help with the pain. She got me all unhooked & we went home. We got home around 11pm & I continued to have BIG MONSTER contractions all night...every 15 minutes! Finally at 6am I told Matthew, I am SO ready to go to the hospital! We arrived at 7:30am, got all checked in AGAIN just like the night before. They immediately sent the anesthesiologist in to start my epidural. It didn't hurt at all to my surprise & I felt relief right away. Around 9:30am they wheeled me into surgery with Matthew & my Mom by my side. It was crazy how numb I was, they had to lift me off the cart to the surgical table. Once I was settled, the anesthesiologist noticed I was starting to fade out of consciousness so he got me some oxygen & some drugs. When I started feeling better he asked me what I did for a living & he said he knew my boss from working Trauma Call in the hospital. He asked me if I wanted to watch the surgery, and I figured...why not?! They wheeled a mirror up & got to work. It didn't feel real when they made the incision & all the amniotic fluid went gushing everywhere & they pulled out a long skinny baby boy! The Dr said there was meconium in the fluid. They rushed him over to the newborn Dr & nurses to be looked at in the corner of the room. I felt so helpless laying on the table, but my mom looked at me and said, "His color is good." I finally heard a little cry & was so relieved! I couldn't really see, because there were so many people so I started talking to Dr. Terry about the surgery to distract myself. My uterus was sitting on my stomach...yikes! They started stitching me up, with 7 or so layers of stitches. By that time they were weighing our little boy. 6 lbs 7 oz Champ Boyce Smith 10:10 am. I said to Dr. Terry, 8 lb baby, sheesh you were way off!!! He laughed & said I know, you were full of amniotic fluid! What a surprise! Matthew was so cute & confident when they handed him the Baby & he brought him over to me to see for the 1st time. I had never seen him so excited! He is the guy that NEVER holds baby's...ever! He held Champ up close to my face so I could smell him & kiss him. What a face! He is amazing, we did it! I felt so relieved that he was all put together fingers toes & everything! I'm a mommy! Matthew is a daddy! We are a FAMILY!

MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010
10:10 AM
6 LBS. 7 OZ.
20 1/2"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's GO time

I am overdue! I am over 10 months pregnant & I will be 41 weeks tomorrow! The hospital called & I am going in tonight to start the induction process. I will take my pill & hopefully be in labor in the morning. We are packed & ready to go! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a little change in the plan

I saw Dr. Terry today, and he says the baby is measuring BIG. My due date has been changed from July 22 to July 19. So technically I am 40 weeks today! I STILL have 0 dilation, so we have booked my induction for Monday, July 26th. What that means is Sunday, July 25th I will go to the hospital & take a pill to soften my stuff up (hopefully) and sleep over. Sunday morning they will check me, I could possibly go into labor on my own at that point. If I do not, then I get an IV and they administer Pitocin. Pitocin should induce labor & hopefully the baby will make his debut. If I do not go into labor, then I am facing the BIG C. Yep, C section city! I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do. Dr. Terry says NO MATTER what the out come, We will have a baby on Monday! I'm pretty nervous, but have full confidence in Dr. Terry. He is a great guy & I have asked my mom to be there along with Matthew, so I hope that will help me keep my head on straight!